GEAR OIL GL4 75W-140

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GEAR OIL GL4 75W-140 is a synthetic extra high performance multi-functional gear lubricant designed to provide effective lubrication in modern high performance passenger cars, sports utility vehicles, vans and light duty trucks and off-highway equipment equipped with both conventional and limited slip differentials. The special friction modifier used in this oil helps in reducing chatter and improving traction besides retaining the frictional properties for longer service life. GEAR OIL GL4 75W-140 is formulated with high quality synthetic base oils in combination with a special additive package to reach the following properties:

  • Unique additive technology allows the use of a single lubricant in rear axles, synchronised and non-synchronised manual transmissions and therefore helps in rationalisation of products.
  • Exceptional thermo-oxidative stability and load bearing characteristics help in extending the life of the driveline components and the oil.
  • Effective rust and corrosion protection, especially to copper and its alloys reduces wear, extends synchroniser life and improves shifting performance.
  • Outstanding low temperature fluidity reduces wear at start up and provides smoother shifting at low ambient temperatures.

Available in 18L,200L

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GEAR OIL GL4 75W-140

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